Psychic Idle MOD APK v1.58 (Damage, God Mode, Unlimited Enhancement)

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26 Mar 2024
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About this game

Fight together with the powerful hero you developed and conquer all the dungeons in Psychic Idle MOD APK (Menu/Immortal). You will enter a world where many dark and cruel forces appear and invade. They are the embodiment of dungeons and have devastated the lands where humans live. Since then, the hope of survival of human beings has become fragile and needs to be saved. So you’ll have to fight through the dungeon challenges to become stronger. And your goal will be to save people from the disaster of being destroyed by monsters. Show off your skill to develop your heroes as you accompany them in battles.

Psychic Idle

Introduction to Psychic Idle

People always consider darkness to be the source of every evil that has appeared in the world. And places that contain darkness are endless dungeons that humans have never dared to enter. Inside there are many mysteries that frighten humans and it’s time for the dungeons to unfold. They train many cruel monsters and that will be the army that invades the human world. And disaster struck when the lands where humans lived were attacked by monsters. Humanity is really at risk of being destroyed and needs a leader. Keep the world safe as you become the creator of heroes who fight monsters.

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Download Psychic Idle APK Mod Apk – Develop & Fight With Your Mighty Hero

You’ll battle mighty heroes in a world shrouded in darkness. This place was plunged into darkness when many monsters appeared and invaded humanity. But you can be the one to bring hope to the world when you stand up for them. And to avoid being invaded, you will need to accompany strong and talented people. They need exceptional strength to bravely rise to the challenge of fighting in the dungeon. Then you will be the one to help them develop their strength through their fighting journeys. Become a hero to take responsibility for protecting the world safely.

Accompany the hero

Heroes will be your companions in the challenges against the enemies of the world. They are dungeon creatures and have begun their plan to invade the world. Every land where humans live becomes a target to be destroyed. However, humanity still has hopes of becoming a fighting hero. And your responsibility then is to face many monsters that come out of the dungeon. Quickly discover your hero’s powers and prepare for combat challenges. Hold out hope for humanity’s survival as you accompany the world’s talented heroes.

Fight the Monsters

You are the chosen one to become the hero of the world when this place is in disaster. The darkness escaped from the dungeon and brought many monsters to invade the human world. And at the most dangerous moment you appear with the strong fighting ability of a hero. It’s the ability to combine mental strength with equipment to gain confidence in the fight.

This will prevent you from being attacked by waves of monsters from the dungeons rushing towards you. And you will show your bravery by becoming a hero who fights for humanity. Fight the monsters that emerge from the dungeons while helping brave heroes fight.

Conquer the Dungeons

Waves of attacks from monsters escaping the dungeon threaten the world. But underneath the dungeon’s enemy crisis, there are still people who face it calmly. And that’s you in the form of heroes facing invading monsters. You gain powerful mental powers and the ability to combine dungeon elements. When you use your power, you’ll create equipment to be able to fight enemies. So bravely run into the dungeon and show your determination to destroy all the monsters in it. Use your hero’s spiritual power to conquer dungeon combat challenges.

Psychic Idle

Fight for a Noble Goal

You will be a warrior who will fight for the safety of the world when enemies appear. They brought darkness from the dark dungeons and are carrying out their cruel plans. But you, with the responsibility of a hero, will have to stop the waves of attacking monsters.

And with the ability to use mental power, you’ll bravely fight through many challenges. However, the monsters won’t be easy to defeat and you’ll still have to get used to the hero’s powers. Therefore, training in combat will be an opportunity for you to show your strength. Download Psychic Idle APK Mod Apk to fight with heroes who possess a strong spirit against monsters.

What's new

- Bug fixes

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