State of Survival MOD APK v1.21.20 (One Hit, God Mode, Unlimited Skill) 

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25 Mar 2024
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About this game

State of Survival is a game that allows you to take on the role of fighter and builder in a chaotic world. You need troops and weapons to support you during combat. Build large-scale projects and destroy the hateful zombies. Use and choose weapons to deal great damage. State of Survival will allow you to dominate the battle of attacking zombies. Fight enemies, don’t let them spread diseases throughout the city. Impersonate brave people trying to survive the threat of zombies. Build a base to have a safe hiding place and avoid persecution. The buildings are in ruins, difficulties are piling up, you have to fight to stabilize this life.

State of Survival

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Introduction to State of Survival

The epidemic disrupts life and plunges it into terror. There are now only infected people and a few healthy people left on the ground. You are one of them and you must be brave to fight. Focus on finding like-minded people to continue existing together. However, it is also very difficult to beat. Many dangers haunt you and can take your life at any time. Quickly destroy all the zombies so that life can return to peace. In addition, you will also be able to experience Age of War 2, Battle of Polytopia. Prepare a perfect strategy for battles.

Download State of Survival Mod: Fight Epidemics & Zombies

State of Survival realistically recreates life disrupted by epidemics and zombies. And when the number of zombies increases, you need to combine them with your friends. Use weapons with the most destructive power to kill as many zombies as you can. War will bring many difficulties and dangers. You live in fear, always on the brink of the abyss of death. Use your strength and energy to defeat your enemies. Need to adapt to the environment and changes in epidemics. Investigate, fight and control the infection and fight the zombies.

Fight the epidemic, dangerous zombies are rampaging

State of Survival MOD APK simulates in a very realistic way a world invaded by epidemics and zombies. Bloodthirsty zombies are always on the prowl to suck the blood out of survivors. The remaining armed forces and government were few and gradually retreated to live underground. Together with the remaining survivors, collect the weapons with the most destructive power to destroy the zombies. There will be many difficulties and dangers, but you shouldn’t be too afraid. But use your strength, skills, and energy to fight the enemy. It is necessary to adapt to the epidemic environment, investigate and control the transmission of diseases.

Fighting and survival tactics among Zombies.

To survive in a hostile environment like this State of Survival MOD APK, you need a smart and proper strategy. Tactics to fight, survive, and restore the good human world. You should look for good remedies that will help restore people infected with zombies. Find many suitable resources and items to build and upgrade a powerful army. You should always be on the lookout for lurking zombies and destroy them quickly and flexibly so as not to get in your way and delay your plan.

Some Smart Measures Against Epidemics

To repel the epidemic of State of Survival MOD APK, players must search for and collect resources such as wooden planks, stones, … to build a robust infrastructure and upgrades that help defend against zombie attacks. At the same time, you need to train more soldiers to increase their fighting and attacking skills. Develop a reasonable strategy to attack enemies and destroy them quickly. According to each level of State of Survival MOD APK, players need to fight hard and show all their skills to win.

Intense battle with dangerous zombies.

Players must coordinate with their teammates to attack the zombies and the leader behind them. You need to use some powerful weapons like guns, bows and arrows… For each zombie you need to use a different and suitable weapon to be able to defeat them easily. In addition, the player also needs a hunting dog to accompany them in the task of finding zombies to kill. Upon arriving at State of Survival MOD APK, you will not only defeat the zombies but also manage and ensure the safety of your city against diseases and enemies.

Key Features of State of Survival MOD APK

  • It simulates in an extremely realistic way the world covered in epidemics and zombies.
  • The battle for survival and zombie-killing action are dramatic and exciting.
  • Build a base to defend and attack the zombies.
  • It takes a lot of resources and items to build and upgrade a powerful army.
  • A series of dangerous quests and challenges around the level put your skills to the test.
  • Crisp, clear and eye-catching graphics combined with the highest quality sound effects.
State of Survival

Tips To Help You Play Better State of Survival MOD APK

  • Learn how to earn more resources and rewards with events and quests.
  • It is necessary to invest and build a proper base to increase survivability and fighting capacity.
  • Improving the character’s fighting ability helps increase the effectiveness of survivability.
  • Take advantage of the right skills and tactics to challenge enemies.
  • Fight with other players and share resources with each other.

What's new

▼ New Features
1. New Event: Doomsday Express
2. VIP Level Cap Increase
*The above features will be tested in select States first. Keep an eye on in-game mails and community announcements for details.

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