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March 15, 2024
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About this game

Super Sus is a very new experience similar to the famous Ghost Wolf game. You will once again experience moments in which you will have to try to protect yourself and wisely observe your surroundings. Teammates and betrayal will definitely be a hot topic that will always be welcome. Finding the imposter before he can defeat you is your main goal. Insight and skillful observation will help you survive to the end. Are you ready to experience the game of real and fake entanglement? Making a wrong judgment will have unfortunate consequences. Will you challenge your intelligence?

Super Sus

Introduction to Super Sus

The scene is set with images of astronauts in the spaceship. The mysterious world of space will be even more confusing for explorers. The mystery is further obscured by an astronaut’s typical shirt and hat. You and your other teammates have the same big mission. You and they must protect the spaceship from crashing. However, you can’t answer right away whether you and they are really a team or not. Everything must depend on the careful observation of each member. The inspiration for the psychological game Ghost Wolf and the game Squid is the material that creates Super Sus. Always be brave and wise before every decision!

Download Super Sus: Who Is Imposter Mod – Challenge Your Insight

This is a battle of psychology and intelligence. If you get the role of a real astronaut, you’ll have to find a way to live. If you get the role of imposter, what you need to do is not get caught. You can take on any role at random. The challenge lies in whether you know how to hide or be cunning enough to recognize who the villain is.

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The main goal is to protect the spacecraft, but the actions of each object will be extremely different. You can literally protect the spaceship. But it’s also possible that you’re the one to attack the entire crew. The game is a mental and psychological battle. Players will have to be very skilled in every action, word, and gesture to protect themselves.

Reason with skill and intelligence.

Combining the two popular psychological games Ghost Wolf and Squid Game, you will become very cautious. You should carefully observe the gestures and words of your teammates and other teams. You have to concentrate and be very careful to find out who the imposter is. Even neutrals need to be carefully filtered.

In Super Sus: Who Is Imposter, you’ll combine caution, spoofing, stealth, and neutrality. Your analytical skills after each observation are sorely needed. Players will be very attracted to the special nature of the game. You should always be observant and careful in every activity and decision. But you won’t know when you’ll be destroyed until that happens. Suspense and mutual suspicion are the main colors of Super Sus.

Tough but engaging mission

There are many unique missions and challenges that players must overcome. A team of ten members will have very different activities. However, the way your teammates handle their tasks is the best clue to finding the traitor. You must overcome the requirements of the missions to recover many gifts.

Super Sus designs many interesting forms of rewards. Your character’s outfits are also extremely unique and have a lot of bright colors. Be bold and choose an outfit that suits your personality. A favorite outfit also makes you feel much more confident. Don’t forget to accumulate the extremely valuable and powerful Gimmicks skill. This feature can allow you to take control of situations and reverse them when urgent. This is your chance to protect yourself and keep fighting.

Game Background

You’ll join a spaceship made up of about 10 members, including at least 1 Imposter and at most 3 people depending on the game’s settings. The mysterious context of the astronaut on the spaceship becomes increasingly confusing. The mission of the player and their teammates is to protect the spaceship from imposters.

Develop skillful reasoning

This is an intellectual psychology game. Players must gesticulate and act carefully so as not to be seen as imposters, and they must also observe others closely. You need to focus on the actions and words of your two teammates to figure out who the imposter is. Your analytical and problem-solving skills are absolutely essential. Thanks to the psychological factor that requires wise reasoning, the game is always attractive to players.

Super Sus

Randomly assume roles in the game.

What’s special is that you’ll play the role of a random character. That is, the system will randomly give you an identity as an astronaut or impostor. The challenge is that you will know how to hide or be sensitive to recognize who the villain is. Depending on their status, the player will play the role of protecting the spaceship or attacking the entire spaceship.

Engaging and exhilarating missions and challenges.

Super Sus Mod APK has many different missions for all 10 members of the spaceship. If you pass all the requirements of the mission, you will receive a lot of gifts. The forms of rewards are also unique and interesting. Most importantly, the way your teammates handle tasks will be the best clue to help you find that imposter.

MOD information

  • Modification menu
  • limited money
  • skin unlock

What's new

● New Gamemode: Space Battleground

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How to install Super Sus MOD APK v1.51.14.033 [Menu/Unlocked] Download APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Super Sus MOD APK v1.51.14.033 [Menu/Unlocked] Download APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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