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19 Apr 2024
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Real Boxing 2 creates expert online boxing arenas. Only in this game, you will be able to unleash the power of your fists, knock out the opponent and, step by step, become a world-class boxer.

Real Boxing 2

What is Real Boxing 2?

Perhaps you have witnessed many bloody battles in the field of boxing and dream of becoming a proud boxer inside the ring. Now, that wish can come true in the Real Boxing 2 game.

Real Boxing 2 is truly designed for boxing lovers. You will be able to participate in the online boxing arena, choose and improve your boxers, progress through glorious KO scenes and progress towards the title of world champion.

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The player’s task in Real Boxing 2 is to hit hard and precisely at the opponent’s weak point, knocking him down in such a way that he cannot get up after 10 seconds and achieve the classic KO. With virtual control buttons on the screen, you directly control your boxer, dodging opponent’s attacks, detecting gaps and delivering decisive blows for quick defeat.

Each player in Real Boxing 2 has their own boxing strategy. Those who have experience from the first game will have more advantages in the arena. You must prepare yourself mentally before playing Real Boxing 2, as you will face both new and old opponents, and the most heroic gladiators will also be present and could become your KO at any time.

‘Challenge the Champion’ is just one of the many surprises that Real Boxing 2 has in store for you. This means you can challenge previous champions, wait for a response, and enter the ring with a strong competitor. Instead of advancing step by step in nameless battles, fighting famous masters will shorten your path to glory.

Boxing fights in Real Boxing 2 take place at any time of the day, both day and night, in single and multiplayer game modes. You can quickly find other players to challenge and dominate the ring. From time to time, there will be big events and matches that you should participate in to once again accelerate your boxer’s progress and reputation.

The secret of the boxing masters

After playing this game, a lot of players became “boxing masters”.. The secret to knocking out opponents countless times lies in skillfully combining different blows. Jabs, hooks, uppercuts, special punch combinations and super focused skill are the keys to victory.

Every encounter gives you the opportunity to try out a variety of fighting techniques. Some choose to start slowly, perform simple punches and even fake missing punches to investigate the opponent’s strength and analyze his strengths and weaknesses. Then, they attack violently at the weak point, quickly knocking out the opponent before he can understand what is happening.

Others choose to attack first. Continuously delivering blows, performing a series of special combinations, leaving the opponent unable to react, completely stunned and quickly losing the battle.

Each player will have their own tactical style of play. The advice is to try them all and then find the direction that works best for you. It is also important to pay attention to the opponent’s characteristics. The most appropriate strategy should be based on the personality of the person you are dealing with.

Unlock new skills

Accompanying victories, on the way to the championship, you will collect a lot of useful combat equipment. Use bonuses after victories to purchase, upgrade, customize and increase your character’s stats, but still within the general limits of boxing matches.

New fighting skills will help you quickly defeat your opponents. High stats will maintain attack resistance and destructive power. Flexible control will help boxers dodge and hit well. Combining these three factors, you will not be far from the title of grand champion.

Real Boxing 2


In addition to the campaign mode and powerful online battles, this Real Boxing 2 boxing game also incorporates many fun and interesting mini-games. Your fighter may occasionally be sent to specialized training facilities. Perhaps there will be free time to buy a lottery with valuable items. Remember to participate in these mini-games to get rare and useful rewards later.

What's new

Hello Boxers! Welcome to the first Real Boxing 2 update in the new year! We have a pack of fixes and technical upgrades for you! We optimized the performance and stability. This update is also dedicated to the overall playability of the game, prepare your boxers for tough fights. That’s all for now, see you in the next one!
Game on!

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