1v1.LOL MOD APK v4.651 (God Mode, Unlock, Ammo, Mega Mod)

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24 Mar 2024
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About this game

Take part in a war among equipped robots. Unlike other games in the same genre of action. 1v1.LOL MOD APK (Menu, Immortality, Speed, Wall Hack) is a game of the shooter and action simulation genre. Where you play a leadership role matters. Take part in a war between armed robots.


With the game modes available, your task is simply to defeat your opponents and build a wall of refuge for yourself. In most games of the same genre, you’ll only need to complete tasks like destroying enemies. Scavenge for items and get ready to enter a dramatic battle. Then, when you get to 1v1. LOL, you’ll notice the difference that you’ll be matched here to take part in a shootout. And build a private wall of refuge yourself.

Introduction about 1v1. LOL

It is thanks to this factor that has caused the mod APK 1v1. LOL get the attention of the players. In the context of many genres of action games on the market. When you get to 1v1. LOL, players will be paired 1 with a random person in 3 seconds. Notably, the game also supports automatically shooting and pulling the trigger.

It helps players operate more easily when participating in battle. Upon entering the game for the first time, players will receive a name for their character. Create a virtual birth certificate for the character. And in the first game, don’t rush into battle, practice first to gain experience! What’s more wonderful than being able to defeat your opponents and become the best shooter?

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Download 1v1. LOL Mod Apk – Best Building Shooting Simulation & Battle

In this game, players will be able to participate in multiplayer battles with several different modes. And most of that is in Battle Royal. In this battle, players will not only have to defeat their opponents but also build hidden walls.

Using the tools and materials provided. Try to become the absolute winner. Take down opponents quickly and build a safe haven. At the same time, practice a lot to accumulate more combat experience. Download 1v1. LOL APK 4,651 now to start practicing and battling opponents right away!

The gameplay is engaging.

Your mission is to take down opponents quickly. Make your robot last in battle. Try to knock down your opponents every time you build a wall of refuge. Take advantage of the game’s 3D visuals to inspect your surroundings. Easily observe your opponents as you move and try to move quickly.

Otherwise, your opponents will easily defeat you. Controls in 1v1. LOL MOD APK are not difficult. With an intuitive dashboard, it’s easy for you to get started. If you want to move your character, press the key on the left side of the screen. Combine defense and attack seamlessly, defeat your opponent and win the middlegame.

Simple Weapon System

1v1. LOL has a fairly simple weapon loadout system. Includes 3 main types of weapons: Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, and Axe. Players can consider depending on each situation and use weapons for different situations. And use it however you want.

That’s it, very simple, isn’t it? When you use a weapon, you can also get help to automatically fire and pull the trigger. It makes battles easier to engage in. But, you still need to training in the first game of the game to practice your firing skills and build walls faster. In addition, you can use your solo ultimate shooting talent every time you defeat your opponents.

Build Refuge

Build shelter walls to avoid enemy bullets. Players will be equipped with tools and equipment to build a base. You can build it however you want. But think about building it to help you avoid enemy bullets. At the same time, it’s also easy to get to. The shape of the shelter isn’t too important, so focus on its protective properties. A safe haven can help you defeat your enemies more easily. So, when building, calculate carefully.


Download 1v1. LOL now and engage in mock shooting battles. Create top-notch firefights and defeat all opponents immediately. This is a game that promises to give you a great experience. It helps you dispel fatigue and develop a strategic mindset. Do you want to become a great shooter? Defeat all opponents in the shortest time? Build a record not only for yourself but also to be on top of the world? Let’s try your luck in 1v1. LOL now! Make a record you can be proud of now.

What's new

The New 1V1.LOL Champions Era is here!
Gameplay & experience just got more interesting - with new Champions & powerful abilities!
Customize your experience by combining different champion fighting styles and gear!
ALL GEAR is now available for FREE to be unlocked in the trophy road!
EVERYONE can get champions for free through Boxes & the Trophy Road.
Seasonal Champions and unique Champion Skins are coming soon!

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