3D Flight Simulator MOD APK v2.11.45 (Unlimited Money)

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27 Mar 2024
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About this game

Flight Simulator 3D MOD APK: Become a professional pilot and gain experience by completing the assigned emergency missions.

Introduction to 3D Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator 3D MOD APK is a game that simulates flying an airplane. It is a game from publisher Fun Games For Free Support, first released on May 21, 2015. By participating in the game, you will become a real pilot and operate a flight with certain missions. You can choose from civilian aircraft, to military aircraft and especially special fighter jets.

3D Flight Simulator

Your goal in the hacked version of Flight Simulator 3D MOD APK is to complete these tasks in the best way, successfully rescuing victims in fires, riots, emergencies, etc. Are you ready for the journey to conquer the game’s missions to become a professional pilot?

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The appeal comes from super-realistic 3D graphics.

The strong point of the Flight Simulator 3D MOD APK game is the super realistic 3D graphics of the game. It helps players experience and feel the operations and flight journey in the clearest way. This is considered a simulation game with a much more realistic and attractive graphic design, compared to other mobile games available in the market.

The buttons for starting the plane, taking off and landing, along with the control operations, are carefully designed. The animations during movement are the most vivid and provide an irresistible sense of gameplay.

During the flight you can hear the sound of wheels on the runway, the sound of the plane preparing to take off or land. It will help make all your experiences when participating in the game more realistic than ever. If paired with headsets, the experience of playing Flight Pilot Simulator 3D MOD APK will be greatly enhanced.

There are countless tasks to complete in Flight Pilot Simulator 3D MOD APK

The tasks assigned will depend on the difficulty level you choose, each level will have its own difficulty. With tasks assigned, you must complete them before moving on to receiving other tasks. Players will not be able to skip the mission to start a new mission when participating in Flight Simulator 3D MOD APK.

The tasks you will need to complete in the game can be: fighting fires in the jungle, rescuing hostages, overcoming obstacles,… And for each type of mission, players will need to choose the right plane in order to complete the tasks.

After completing an assigned task in the hacked version of Flight Pilot Simulator 3D MOD APK, you will receive the corresponding amount of reward, more or less depending on the difficulty of the task you choose at the beginning of the game. And also during the flight, you need to let the plane pick up stars on the map. When you have enough stars and money, you’ll be able to upgrade the plane you’re using, which will help you complete the mission much easier and faster.

Various types of aircraft for pilots.

For each different mission, the hacked Flight Pilot Simulator 3D game Unlimited Coins will suggest to the pilots the most suitable aircraft to perform the mission. For example, with the task of extinguishing a fire in the forest, the player must choose a specialized plane with a water tank to be able to extinguish the fire from above, in mountainous terrain such as a jungle.

As for the task of transporting goods to a certain place. You should choose the type of transport plane, because it is a type of aircraft that is specifically used to transport goods. This will help make the pilot’s flight easier and faster.

Basic Flight Journey in Flight Pilot Simulator 3D MOD APK

After choosing the flight mission and aircraft type, you will start your flight journey in the hacked Unlimited Coins version of Flight Pilot Simulator 3D MOD APK. A basic flight trip here is quite simple, the player will combine hand movements and tilt the phone, which will help them control the direction. And when they need to avoid obstacles, players simply need to tilt the phone. There’s no need to act on the screen or touch the command buttons cumbersomely.

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If you’re ready to start the mission, you’ll drag the control stick in the right corner of the screen from the bottom to the top to launch the plane. , your plane will start moving on the runway, then you just need to lift your phone up and the plane will start taking off. Then, once the plane is at a certain height and has enough acceleration, you can tilt the phone to the left or right to adjust the direction of the plane.

As soon as you arrive at the mission end location, you’ll need to hang up the phone so that the plane can start receiving landing orders. You should board the plane as slowly as possible, to minimize possible risks caused by the weather. At this point, you have completed the task assigned by Flight Simulator 3D MOD Unlimited Money, call the rescue team to return to the plane and start conducting take-off operations back to the departure location.

3D Flight Simulator


For each assigned task, there will be a certain level of difficulty and a fairly new journey, you will need to stay calm and apply your skills to complete it as quickly as possible. Flight Simulator 3D MOD Unlimited Money is the perfect choice for players who like the feeling of flying an airplane or a quality simulation game. Download the game now to experience it in greater detail!

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We update the game regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available features. Thanks for playing Flight Pilot!

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