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30 Mar 2024
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About this game

The wizarding world is an important and very popular theme in literary works, movies, and even video games. Age of Magic is also one of the games about magic. It takes players to a mystical land, where many strange creatures appear. To regain peace, all mages will have to stand up and fight together. Repel and destroy all invading monsters at all costs. Now they will have the help of an important character, which is you, the player. The world of Age of Magic is full of dangerous enemies everywhere. Mages need a worthy commander to defeat them all.

Age of Magic

Introduction to Age of Magic

A world in ruins has been occupied by monsters and creatures of chaos. Now there is only a cold earth left and darkness covers everywhere. Hope seems to have disappeared but it still seems to be able to shine. According to the prophecy of the dragon clan, the chosen mages will be the saviors of this land. Make this land beautiful again as it was before. It’s a mission that doesn’t come easily. You could be the supreme magician in that prophecy.

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Download Age of Magic MOD APK to save the magical land from the curse

3D character models are one of the most valuable points that Age of Magic brings you. 3D graphics make battles more unique and epic than ever before. The fun doesn’t end there, the special character system and game modes will surprise you. We’ll talk about that later. You are the mighty wizard under the curse of the savior of the magical land. But you won’t take on the role of combat, assuming that responsibility are powerful warriors and mages. Coming from many different lands with the same persistence of aggressive and repelling dangerous opponents.

Age of Magic’s combat system is based on formations and turn-based attacks. You will form a squad of warriors from the army you have. Each character has a unique power and talent. Simply classifying them and creating links between them is a problem. A good commander is one who can skillfully use combat characters. Defeat your enemies not only with sheer force but also with clever tactics. To see how you’ll fare when you encounter multiple enemies in Age of Magic.

Freely choose your hero character and take part in exciting matches.

By beating a lot of matches, you’ll possess more characters with solid skills. Strong warriors are essential in battles to defeat enemies. There are many powerful characters such as Archer Maeglin with powerful arrows, Morrigan earns points in the eyes of players with sharp swords that carefully end the lives of enemies. Or extremely famous people such as Wukong, Succubus… Each character has their own role in the team. Have strategies for choosing members for your team wisely.

Warrior and mage character system.

They are the ones who have the ultimate strength and power in their hands. Just wait for you to give them command and they will fight when necessary. Not just persons, warriors can come from many different imaginary races. You’ll see goblins, demons, raccoon wizards, Ra’Archnes, swamp witches…

The beautiful visuals are also an important highlight to make players feel excited. All of the characters’ powers and abilities will be completely different. The only similarities are the leveling system, equipment, evolution skills, and many other tools. It is not possible to equip different types of characters and races with the same weapons.

Upgrade your characters to take on new challenges.

Moreover, in order to overcome challenging battles and powerful enemies, you must also make your heroes stronger than ever. In addition to collecting heroes with rare and powerful abilities, you also need to improve your HP, your attack, your defense, and unlock new abilities for your character. In addition, when characters level up, their appearance also improves significantly.

The game is tactical.

True to the name of the game, you’ll be placed in the context of the Age of Magic. The familiar characters you fight with can contribute to the plot of this game. It follows the main character Roland, a true wizard who carries out the tasks assigned to him in the Dark Tower. This is also where Roland found Salazar.

He is the main antagonist of the game, a person who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. The storyline battles will revolve around Roland’s journey of revenge. Face off against many legions of monsters from Salazar’s shadows. Reach the ultimate goal of destroying dangerous villains. That’s the main plot of Age of Magic.

Engaging plot for players to explore for themselves.

Of course, not only does it have a story mode, Age of Magic also adds a lot of cool game modes for players to explore for themselves. The most popular is the PvP mode. Where you use your squad of warriors to fight against other players.

The player’s rank will be determined by the rankings. Hundreds of competitions are held every day to see who is the strongest. The two main modes for players to collect materials to upgrade their characters are Treasure Valley and Horror Tomb. This is where many unknown monsters in the plot are hidden. If you beat them all, the most valuable rewards will be yours.

Age of Magic

Lots of game modes

  • Campaign Mode: Meet legendary generals and battle incredibly powerful enemies in epic battles.
  • PvP: Gather the best generals and challenge players in the PvP arena every day.
  • Lightning-fast battles: Attack with lightning-fast tactics
  • Other modes: Adventurous games to challenge the player’s limits against powerful enemies for unique rewards.

Tips for playing Age of Magic Mod APK

  • Collecting characters comes in many forms, such as recruiting through many different battles or buying characters from the market or opening chests to collect enough fragments of the character to summon it.
  • Choose warriors with a lot of strength to create a complete squad that will help you easily win each battle.

What's new

Complete the Soul Savior and Lifestealer events to get Bliss and Captain John!
Take part in the Spring Festival and summon the restless Capfei!

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