Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK v1.0.0.125 (Unlimited Money, Menu)

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About this game

Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD APK is a new action game from publisher Rockstar Games. Here you will become a high school boy and participate in naughty activities at school. Do everything you want to conquer everyone and become the strongest.

Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition – Open World Action Game

When referring to the publisher Rockstar Games, people will immediately think of the famous GTA game collection, the most popular game series of all time. However, they also have many other games that have broken into many platforms like PC, PlayStation2. And one of them is Bully: Anniversary Edition. This game was first released in 2016, but so far its appeal has attracted a large number of players from all over the world. So what’s so special about it?

Based on the role-playing game from the GTA series, Bully: Anniversary Edition is set in a school setting. This is a version for mobile platforms, specifically for both Android and iOS. It offers a huge open world where every player can freely interact and do whatever they want. In addition, the quality of the game’s graphics impresses players from the get-go when it has the bold 3D style of the GTA game. That’s why it promises the immersive experience every gamer expects.

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In Bully: Anniversary Edition, players will take on the role of a high school boy and begin their adventure in Bull Worth. Here, players will meet and interact with many other characters. But those aren’t very happy, friendly relationships. Bull Worth is a strict school, but school violence becomes a problem. Confrontations, fights, robberies often occur at school.

In that context, the player will not be assumed to be a good student. Rockstar Games loves to create their games about sensitive topics like crime or school violence. From there, they want players to have the most authentic experience when they find themselves in such an uncomfortable context. So what are you going to do? Explore this exciting adventure with Jimmy Hopkins your way.

Unlimited Exploration

In the open world of Bully: Anniversary Edition, players are free to explore it all. The context of the game mainly revolves around scenes such as classrooms, school grounds, dining halls, locker rooms, gymnasiums, etc. Players can move wherever they want and interact with the landscape and people in their own way. In addition, countless activities will be carried out to participate and master.

Surprisingly, there are no rules for students at school. Then players can do everything from studying, having fun to fighting, angering teachers, and competing. They can even form gangs to perform naughty activities and master each game. Others may oppose you or support you, and you should have different solutions.

Participate in school activities.

Bully: Anniversary Edition offers plenty of activities to explore, such as mini-games, sports games, and class activities. In addition, it also has some side quests that players can participate in and unlock new content. For example, you will be able to challenge other players to participate in boxing, marathon, wrestling, etc. In addition, you will also be able to participate in theoretical and practical sessions with crazy chemistry experiments. It’s fun to be a student without having to follow rules, isn’t it?

Easy control and interaction.

Like the GTA series, players only need to tap the screen to move. In addition, some other function buttons will appear in different contexts. For example, when practicing experiments, players can tap the test tube icon or solution bottle to perform them. Or when playing boxing, players will move and attack and perform moves such as crouching, dodging attacks… In addition, they will be able to interact with the game environment by touching objects. Interacting with other characters is also simple through voice. That’s why it’s easy to get used to the whole game right from the start.

Bully Anniversary Edition

High-end 3D graphics

Rockstar Games’ games have never disappointed gamers with high-quality graphics. And so is Bully: Anniversary Edition. The background, visuals, and details of the game are very realistic and sharp. In particular, the character system is carefully invested in all aspects, such as appearance, emotes, expressions, and actions. In addition, the game environment also contributes to creating a realistic experience in a familiar school context. Therefore, it makes it easy for players to immerse themselves in the game’s content.

What's new

Android 9.0 support.

General bug fixes and improvements.

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