Games for WhatsApp 2024

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The amazing instant messaging application  WhatsApp  has become the most used place for phones and advanced communication equipment. So much so that it has been estimated that out of every 10 users, 8 have the App installed and running.

Its ease of use and the interactivity index make it more attractive than one might think, since it combines the functions that most interest Internet and social network users: sharing one’s own information and interacting in real time through conversations with third parties, Added to this is the ability to join particular groups to better share tastes, preferences and tasks.

WhatsApp  has come to change the way we interact, the fact shows that its use does not only apply to personal relationships. It has become a means for professional activity, commerce, religion, education and spaces for social and human formation.

Its popularity index has increased considerably in recent months, due to the health contingency imposed by COVID-19 that has established the confinement of many in their homes, thus becoming the tool par excellence to continue with common activities.

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Entertainment on WhatsApp

As part of the interactive approach of social networks and messaging communication Apps,  WhatsApp  is the point to get to know people better, share with distant beings and have good times thanks to messages, calls, video calls, emojis, photos, audios , information and videos.

As it is an instant messaging App, it does not incorporate into its functional system the ability to add other tools, as certain social networks do. In their case, users have not remained with their arms closed and have devised ways to create fun and interesting moments, creating  games for WhatsApp 2024 .

In all this, ingenuity and creativity shine to make certain moments more interesting, putting intelligence, observation skills or the simple sharing of tastes and interests into play.

If you are one of those who have not yet managed to awaken this particular focus on your WhatsApp, it will do you good to consider certain interactive game initiatives to share with family and friends, in personal conversations or related groups. Perhaps all this will result in you being able to create your own games and make using this application more entertaining.

Games for WhatsApp 2024

As we have mentioned when talking about  games for WhatsApp,  it is not about some new installation application that modifies or changes the appearance of the App. In essence we are referring to curious content that we can share with our contacts, wanting fun and curious interaction.

There are many ways to play a  game on WhatsApp , we can use the statuses to make public some of the ideas that we will present or it can be content to share in private conversations or in groups.

Games to get to know people better.

This is perhaps the typical line of games between friends and family. It is about placing a series of questions in order to better know the person we confront, acting as an interview, we place a list of elements that help us better discover the personality, life history, tastes, preferences and even desires. and dreams.

This dynamic can also turn in the opposite direction, that is, we ask questions about the opinion that people may have of us. This can serve to show how well our contacts know us.

It becomes a fun and interesting approach when we manage to discover facts that we did not imagine about others, as well as elements that we believed were known by others about our life.

To formulate this series of  games for WhatsApp,  it can be useful to make a well-thought-out list of things you would like to know. The ideal is to start with basic data and then move forward. The dynamics will always depend on the level of confidence that may increase through the new knowledge acquired.

Guessing Games

Putting our ability to reason into play is perhaps another interesting way to create  games for WhatsApp . These curious contents are designed to make more than one think, measuring the level of general culture that we can have on certain subjects, arts or sciences.

We can use emojis, structuring secret phrases or names that must be identified based on the images we present. This  game for WhatsApp  has many ways to use and apply, you can make combinations of movie names, musical themes, compound phrases, foods and recipes, places, famous people and even mathematical combinations.

Other forms of Riddles can involve guessing words thought by a user. This mode is perfectly applicable in WhatsApp groups, where after having a reasonable amount of time, a contact must think of something specific. The game will consist of asking a defined number of questions to which there will be only two answers Yes or No, whoever manages to guess the secret word wins.

Challenge Games

To make the action on WhatsApp more interesting, games of this type are seen as a good means to raise expectations and make each challenge a form of reward or punishment. The way they are carried out is always diverse and depends on what we want to obtain. If it is about knowing secret things, the penances will result in revealing or confessing hidden things of the person who loses. If we aspire to laugh heartily, the punishment will make use of the unusual and crazy.

Some challenges can be given in the form of numbered lists, after each number there are questions or challenges that must be answered or carried out, if not having a satisfactory action comes the penalty. Each list can be as large as necessary and can be combined as a kind of contest. Other forms of challenge play are by verifying certain criteria of the teams, namely telephone brands, battery rate, internal memory capacity, number of stored files, number of contacts or followers. In each line, divisions are established that lead to a particular challenge that each contestant must complete.

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