Gridpunk Battle Royale 3v3 PvP MOD APK v1.1.09 (Menu, Money, God Mode)

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12 Apr 2024
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About this game

Take part in a shootout between powerful fantasy warriors in Gridpunk Battle Royale 3v3 PvP. You’ll engage in powerful real-time action battles with opponents. Everyone has a talent for fighting in this sci-fi world. And the real war opens up so that the fighting warriors can search for opponents.

Gridpunk Battle Royale 3v3 PvP

The warrior who has the greatest fighting ability will ascend to the highest peak of glory. You too are a member of this scientific war, but there will be people who will accompany you. Discover the fictional world of humanity and submerge yourself in the battles to find the power.

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Introduction to Gridpunk Battle Royale 3v3 PvP

The battle among you and your adversaries in the world of science fiction has taken place. Everyone who participated in this war acquired scientific knowledge and improved themselves. And the world has allowed anyone to gain unlimited power from science.

Then the battle of the sci-fi world will unfold at a rapid pace. Weapons will also appear continuously, and the person who wields the weapon first will have an advantage. However, you will not face all the opponents but will be accompanied by two warriors. All of them are participants in the fictional war and please join them on the battlefield.

Download Gridpunk Battle Royale 3v3 PvP Mod Apk: Win the Fantasy War

The human world has become infected with the enthusiasm that arises from the achievements of science fiction. Anyone who is equipped with them can enjoy the feeling of wielding power. The overall population of people with strong abilities in the world has increased over time. But the world still needs to find the strongest people to continue to protect everyone.

That’s why science fiction warfare was created for those who were strong enough to compete. This battle is only for teams with strong and well-coordinated members. You also get a team to fight enemies and try to win all the arenas.

MOD Features of Gridpunk Battle Royale MOD APK Version

  • Gridpunk Battle Royale MOD APK Drone View – This version allows you to view the entire large map from a normal perspective. This has helped players capture and manage the terrain on the map in the best way and easily find and destroy opponents.
  • Gridpunk Battle Royale MOD APK MP UNLIMITED – This version allows the owner to have unlimited MP points. You can use special abilities in the game freely without having to worry about consuming MP.

Cyberpunk Heroes

You’ve entered the arena among heroes and fought in the world of science fiction. And in front of you are powerful cyberpunk opponents whose strength also comes from science. They are all different cyberpunk warriors and you need to understand their strengths to win.

But first you need to understand the strength of the characters in the arena. The fact that you team up to fight the enemy is just a stepping stone for you to gain an advantage. The new cyberpunk heroes are the important characters that determine whether you win or not. Look for heroes from the sci-fi world and combine them with them to fight.

Experience dramatic and thrilling 3v3 fantasy PvP battles.

Gridpunk Battle Royale MOD APK will take players into intense real-time fantasy battles. These battles are only for the strongest and best matched teams or characters. So, you need to choose 3 strong warriors to join the team and join the fight. When all team members die first, the remaining team wins. The levels will get harder and harder and the pace of play will also be faster, so you’ll need to stay calm and use all your skills to fight.

A series of powerful heroic warriors for players to choose from

Gridpunk Battle Royale MOD APK has many heroic characters with unique appearances, names, and powers for players to choose for their 3v3 PvP team. In particular, the weapons they use are completely different. Choose 3 warriors who are stronger and more suitable for the battle you are engaged in. Be able to make the most of your skills and strengths to win quickly and easily.

The weapon system is very diverse to collect.

Gridpunk Battle Royale MOD APK has provided many modern, powerful, and diverse weapons. Players will have to search for it and collect it on the battlefield because it is scattered in different locations. You collect many new and powerful weapons that will help your team improve their combat pace and win more. In addition, you can unlock and choose armor or weapon skins to make your character more impressive and powerful.

Take part in new events and unique challenges.

In Gridpunk Battle Royale MOD APK, new events and unique challenges are always updated so that players have a chance to show off their skills. Players will be required to participate in these events. And when you win, you’ll receive a lot of attractive and interesting rewards. These rewards will be of great use to players. You’ll use it in fierce battles every day.

Main Features of Gridpunk Battle Royale MOD APK

  • Engaging Battle Royale gameplay, with exciting fantasy battles.
  • Many powerful heroic warriors with unique and impressive abilities and appearances.
  • A diverse weapon system awaits you for you to discover and pick up on the battlefield.
  • There are plenty of new events and unique challenges for players to show off their skills.
  • Create and design unique, clear, and beautiful graphic images.
  • The sound quality is extremely impressive with vivid and powerful effects that create stimulation and excitement for players.
Gridpunk Battle Royale 3v3 PvP

Some tips to help you experience Gridpunk Battle Royale MOD APK

  • Learn and understand the location of each location on the map so you can take advantage of the favorable terrain and environment to create a smart and appropriate strategy.
  • During the game, you must scavenge and collect weapons, equipment, and various items to help you improve your fighting ability.
  • It is always necessary to move flexibly and quickly to avoid dangerous areas.
  • Know how to use the appropriate special skills.
  • Must know how to cooperate and interact well with other teammates.

What's new

Liloca fixes:
- will no longer receive damage through shield
- name will not dissapear while shield is on
- shield reflected damage cannot exceed x2 shield damage / second per enemy
- suicide bomber has new slow effect
Other bugfixes

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