How to Root an Android cell phone 2024

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How to Root an Android cell phone 2024: Nowadays many people are looking for different  ways to root their Android , which is why there are countless ways to do it. But something we must keep in mind is that not all mobile phones are the same since each company has different ways of configuring their device.

Among the forms most used by Android users is applications that allow you to root any Android. There is a wide variety of  apps that allow you to root the Android system , although some of them only work on some brands or versions of Android.

I will present you some ways in which you can activate root on your Android, among these you will learn how to root your cell phone with applications or with a PC. Before rooting your mobile, learn what root is on your device.

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What is root and what is it for?

Root is known as  a super user on devices that use Android  as the operating system, with this users can make changes to the system in a privileged manner. Since the system only allows you to make some limited settings, being root allows you to have greater control over your device.

Generally, users root their devices to be able to uninstall applications that are installed by default or install unofficial applications from Google Play. In addition to being able to update the mobile to different versions of Android.

Note: By rooting your Android you will lose the manufacturer’s warranty, most manufacturers do not allow modifications to the system, therefore  the warranty would no longer be valid .

How to root an Android mobile?

As I mentioned before, there are several ways you can root your Android device. The majority of ways that we can find on the Internet is through applications that make a configuration on our device that allows us to have root access.

I will explain some of the best applications that you can use to  root a tablet or any device that has Android .

Apps to root Android 2024

  • Root Master
  • kingroot
  • iRoot

These applications are the most even worked on the different brands and versions. The versions in which you can root Android are  Android 5, Android 6, Android 7 and Android 9.  Version 10, we still do not know for sure if it has the possibility of rooting it, but you can try.

Root Android with iRoot

How to Root an Android cell phone

To  root Android with the iRoot application  you must follow the following steps to do it correctly. If you want to know if your device is compatible with the app, you can see it on its official website.

  • Download the iRoot app  .
  • After downloading the APK file, proceed to install it (don’t forget to activate unknown sources).
  • Open the app, the application interface is very easy to use, to root the Android click on the button (Get Root access).
  • The process takes a few seconds to complete.
  • After the process finishes, the device will reboot to complete the process.

Root Android with Kingroot

How to Root an Android cell phone

Now I will explain how to carry out the process with the Kingroot application, this would be the app that is most used to root Android.

  • Download and install  Kingroot
  • Open it and click on (Try Root) to test if the opponent can root
  • Then a button will appear to root your Android, click on (START ROOT)
  • The process may take a few minutes, the mobile will reboot to complete root access.
  • Once the process is finished you will be able to use your mobile

Root Android with Root Master

How to Root an Android cell phone

We already explained two ways on how  to root your Android without a PC  , but if none of them work for you, you can try Root Master.

  • Download the  Root Master app
  • Install the app, don’t forget to enable installation from unknown sources
  • We open the application, once the app starts a process will begin to see if the device is compatible
  • If your Android is compatible, a button (Root) will appear, you must press it to root your mobile
  • The process may take a few minutes so you will have to wait, after it finishes you will be able to use your device

How do I know if my Android is root?

In order to confirm that our device is rooted, we can perform this action. You can also use this option to find out if your Android is already rooted.

To  know if an Android is rooted we can use the Root Checker  application  . You can find it in the Play Store, open the application and a button will appear to update, press the button and the app will tell you if the device has the root user active.

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