Last Shelter: Survival MOD APK v2.62.1 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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10 Apr 2024
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To win and bring happiness to people.About this game

Ever since the war and the zombie apocalypse happened. Humanity has gone through a series of events trying to survive. Just like in the game Last Shelter: Survival. He’s a barracks leader. Now it’s the size of a country. With the final mission to wipe out the zombies. Creatures are ravaging the entire Earth. And to achieve this, it requires strategy, allies, strength, and many other important factors. Are you ready to take part in this battle to protect your own life?

Last Shelter: Survival MOD APK

Introduction to Last Shelter: Survival

The threat of zombies always brings a bad omen for humanity. When you have to witness how relatives and acquaintances turn into bloodthirsty creatures. Ready to devour you at any time. And the most important task at the moment. This is to protect your own safety and that of those who are still awake around you. Because you alone are not enough in this war that seems to have no end. That’s part of Last Shelter: Survival’s content.

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Download Last Shelter: Survival Mod Apk – Survive, Fight and Survive in a Disaster

It’s a game about zombies and disasters. But it won’t be a shooting game. Last Shelter: Survival will primarily be the process in which you develop your barracks. Build defensive structures and towers. Recruit, train, and train the only surviving human individuals. Recruit more Legendary Fighting Heroes. Upgrade the barracks and the army will become stronger and stronger. Resist the terrifying attacks of the undead. Use all your tactical skills, your strategic thinking is sound. To win and take happiness to people.

Build a Shelter

Not to mention the special element of the bunker. Maybe only Last Shelter: Survival has transported the bunker feature to a raging zombie scene like this. Shelters will be the only place where their residents will be able to live in peace. Designed to float one after the other, easily linking electricity, water, power systems… Easier and faster. Not to mention ensuring safety at the highest level. Only if a disaster strikes indoors. We just need to plan to cope.

Design of the territorial space

From the surface to the bunker areas. They are all run and built only by you. With resources obtained from nature. Next, we pay attention to pressing issues such as the living conditions of people in shelters. Build soldier training grounds, weapons factories, and combat vehicles. The clinic provides medical equipment and automatic defense towers day and night. All of the above factors are extremely important in creating a perfect barracks. Separated from the dead world outside. Be prepared for every possible situation.

Upgrade your skills and summon heroes.

The heroes you summon have more than just fighting abilities. Behind that strong appearance lies a very skillful strategic and military skill. That depends on that hero’s class and rank. But that’s okay because you can still upgrade them with the resources and money you earn. It will cost a decent volume of money. But what high-level heroes can do is astounding. It’s totally worth your spending. Heavy damage higher than normal troops. Unsurpassed leadership ability except your own, and also interesting special skills.

Last Shelter: Survival MOD APK

Fight against the zombie uprising.

Most battles arise from the invasion of the undead. Even if they can’t think or think, they will come together. Form the toughest army and assault your empire. With all the equipment and strength you have. You need to prepare for all the unexpected situations to fight. Beat levels with many different missions. It’s important not to let yourself be sacrificed. Since your incomes will be lost if you fall. If you’re ready, go ahead and brag about zombies. Or prepare more so that everything is as perfect as possible.

What's new

1. You can now collect all chests in the Clash of Zones warm-up match with one tap!
2. "Sorting by distance" feature is now available on the rally page.
3. New set skills for hero gear.
4. Specific chat channels for players of the same language available soon.

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