LOST in Blue MOD APK v1.182.1 (Map Speed)

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3 Apr 2024
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About this game

Getting lost in nature is almost impossible, but with LOST in Blue it’s possible. You will find yourself in what can be considered the toughest situation in the world. It survives in poor conditions with dangers lurking. You must build your own facilities to meet your survival needs. Create beneficial things to carry out the plans you laid out from the beginning. Although it is very difficult, if you overcome everything, you will master everything. That is the limitless potential that humans can reach on their own.

LOST in Blue

Introduction to LOST in BLUE

Survival is a phrase that is becoming a trend among today’s modern people. It’s something that brings us a lot of challenges and excitement. LOST in Blue is a game that brings together all the necessary elements of this theme. In addition, the realistic simulation from 3D graphics is also what makes it stand out. Requirements and interactions bring a lot of vivid colors to the game. You will have the experience of truly surviving on your own in the wild. Do things you’ve never dared to do right on your phone.

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Download LOST in Blue Mod: Survive and survive on a desert island at sea

You’ll transform into a normal citizen on a flight back home. But due to an unusual incident due to the storm damaging the engine, you had an accident. The plane crashes into the sea and that’s when you’ll make your decision. It brings hope of survival to a dying man or woman. This is also the character that will represent you in this difficult adventure. You will swim to the island and begin the necessary operations to treat the wound. The next thing is to collect surrounding objects to make useful things for yourself. Try to find everything you need to maintain your living conditions.

MOD Features of LOST in BLUE MOD APK version

In LOST in BLUE MOD APK, two special features are provided: Map Speed: Helps players move around the map faster, saving time when exploring and moving around the island. And Unlimited Money: Provides unlimited money to help you buy, construct, and upgrade areas and buildings on the island easily.

Explore the ability to survive on a desert island.

LOST in BLUE MOD APK takes you to a unique story. That’s when a flight crashed, everyone seemed to die, only you were lucky to survive and got lost on a pristine island. Right now, players must find every way to survive in this land and wait for the opportunity to return to the continent. Because you’ll encounter zombies, wild animals, and other ferocious enemies. With your skills, fight hard and try to live until the end!

Facing Danger

This is the part we need to pay attention to if we want to preserve our lives. The danger is divided into two stages: day and night. During the day when the sun is shining, you will easily spot things that can attack you. They are usually monsters, natives, or slow beasts. But at night, it will be much more dangerous when monsters can appear at any time. You can only recognize it through the signs before it is attacked. So prepare the necessary weapons to counterattack and win. Not ever let your protector down because your life comes first.

Creates a solid foundation of refuge

LOST in BLUE MOD APK allows you to build shelters to help players survive longer. Players use craft tools to mine wood and stone elements to build sturdy walls and floors. Then, with your ingenuity and thoroughness, you will be able to create the necessary elements and furniture to more perfectly equip the facility. In addition, you can expand your residence and grow more food.

Create the necessary tools and weapons yourself.

In LOST in BLUE MOD APK, in order to survive, you need tools and support weapons. Players must scavenge and collect items of wood, animal bones, etc. to make tools and weapons that help hunt, exploit, and fight enemies or wild animals easier. In addition, when these public services are available, the collection of more resources will be extremely fast.

It has two attractive game modes: PvP and PVE.

LOST in BLUE MOD APK has two main game modes: PvP and PVE to help players experiment freely without getting bored. With the PvP mode, players will team up with the island’s survivors to search for and collect resources to survive together. The PVE mode has a different feature: players can explore mysterious new lands and enjoy beautiful natural landscapes.


Survival can only become more attractive when more friends join. Create a waiting room and add your friends. You and they can freely choose characters and start working together to develop them. Keep in mind that the difficulty will increase depending on the number of people. Create fast, positive changes to achieve new things. You will gain greater skills in working in a team with others. Find more fun in this amazing LOST in Blue mod.

LOST in Blue

Main Features of LOST in BLUE MOD APK

  • Explore natural life on a desert island.
  • Collect and use resources to live, build, and upgrade facilities.
  • Fight, hunt and deal with aggressive wild animals.
  • Meet and interact with other characters on the island to work together and survive.
  • Complete missions and objectives well to survive longer.

Some Useful Tips To Help Play LOST In BLUE MOD APK

  • Manage your resources well and use them when you need them most to survive.
  • Learn about the island’s terrain and use the surrounding elements to build facilities, make furniture, hunt, and gather food.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to return to the forest and collect valuable resources.
  • Pay attention to your health status and energy control when performing tasks.
  • Collect the items needed to build tools and weapons to hunt animals and take on enemies.

What's new

Version Update

1. Island Hunting Season will be live soon.
2. Wrecking Inferno and Crimson Kitsune are now available.
3. Lunar Attendant is now available.
4. Fixed an issue where buffs from Island Blessings persisted beyond their intended duration.

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