My Cafe MOD APK v2024.3.1.0 (Speed ​​Up) 2024

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26 Mar 2024
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About this game

My Cafe allows you to demonstrate your entrepreneurial prowess from a small coffee shop. Melsoft Games creates a starting point for all players from the position of waiter, so you will accumulate a lot of experience. My Cafe with realistic gameplay, players will learn everything from greeting customers to the fastest way to serve.

My Cafe

From the first service desk you will have your own customers. Take out the food and drink they requested and get paid. Your experience will increase according to the level. Expanding the Cafe will be easier when the character has a lot of experience. My Cafe gradually turns players into professional entrepreneurs.

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Introduction to My Cafe

Chat with customers by making decisions in conversation. Whichever direction you want your story to go, My Cafe can build it. Do you have ambitions to own a famous coffee brand? My Cafe creates opportunities for people to develop strategies to make that dream a reality.

Being ready to serve with the most professional style of work will keep many regulars coming back to the restaurant. As you increase your level, think about hiring more employees to get the best service. The Cook is also a similar game, but you’ll go through each step to prepare a specific dish.

Download My Cafe MOD APK – Develop a Coffee Shop

My Cafe doesn’t just serve food, players freely trust any customer who visits their store. With many different backgrounds, you can learn many new experiences from those conversations. Initially, you can’t do much with the shop when you’re only at level 1.

My Cafe limits the level when players upgrade. It would be ridiculous if you have a great restaurant and don’t have enough experience in running it. Familiarize yourself with customer support before you want to expand your store or do something similar. Don’t keep guests waiting too long once they’re seated at the table. Hurry up, say hello, and see what they need right away.

Update the Coffee

You can’t do business with just a set of tables and chairs or just a few cups of coffee. To become a great restaurant in the eyes of customers, a diverse service chain and a modern infrastructure system are some mandatory criteria. The equipment, interior, exterior, and warehouse are all elements in need of improvement.

However, to unlock them all you must complete level 42. Tables and chairs are staples on the player’s unlimited shopping list. Pay attention to organizing them properly to save space and have a space with a beautiful view for your customers.

New Blending Formula

Drink recipes are always a hot topic for every store owner. My Cafe allows you to search for and unlock engaging coffee recipes with many unique flavors. Players create new menus, you can even customize the needs of each customer.

My Cafe

Establish Your Own Coffee City

Create a group that shares a passion for coffee in particular and food in general. My Cafe is a place where competition for restaurant owners is relatively fierce. You need to figure out how to retain and gain new customers from your competitors. Find effective business plans so that your store always has an active flow of customers.

My Cafe simulates the restaurant business with a game that allows you to interpret from a position of service. In fact, there are many games that allow you to build your own empire in a certain field. For example, FarmVille 2 and Food Truck Chef are games that allow you to make your dream of owning a farm or restaurant come true. Download My Cafe MOD From a small coffee shop, expand it into a standout food hub for your customers.

What's new

Yay, spring has sprung at My Café!
For level 7+ players:
Spring seasons! Earn trophies in festivals and collect cool prizes and lovely crystal balls. Say hello to the new super collection and search for a four-leaf clover!
For level 15+ players:
Vrrrroom! The Merge-mobile is already en route, and it's packed with the new Leprechaun Hunt and Easter Vibes Merge prezzies—complete events to get rewards and cool new medals!
See our socials for deets! See you at the coffee shop!

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