Pixel Fantasia MOD APK v3.0.20 (Mega Menu) 2024

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25 Mar 2024
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About this game

Pixel Fantasiala is an idle RPG with old but new Pixel graphics for the gaming community. If anyone has ever played idle RPGs, there is nothing strange about the gameplay of this game. What’s new for players lies in the beautifully designed story and characters.

Pixel Fantasia

The two-dimensional cartoon characters are drawn in a beautiful 3D style and incorporated into the game. From the characters to the bosses to the landscapes, everything leaves players satisfied. The game’s rewards and content are also extremely diverse for players to explore. When you win the match, you’ll be able to collect gems of different colors and gold coins.

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Introduction to Pixel Fantasia

Goblins and monsters constantly approach, surround, and attack the player. The fast speed will help players defend against this massive attack. By simply tapping the areas of the screen where monsters spawn, players can attack them.

Above each beast’s head are red horizontal lines representing its health index. If each hit isn’t strong enough, you won’t be able to kill them. Only when they run out of blood will they disappear, some will turn into gems. They are automatically added to the player’s item backpack for use.

Download Pixel Fantasia Mod: combine it with souls to help destroy monsters

Beautiful characters and endless exciting adventures excite players. Each player’s experience will be different depending on the direction of the game. Tap the screen and move your finger so your character can walk. Tap gift chests and strange items along the way.

Gift Chests open many valuable and interesting items. The area that the player begins to explore is a deserted terrain. Occasionally, large tree stumps or abandoned cabins are found. The people here were devoured by demons and forced into forced labor. The battle had no unpleasant bloody scenes.

Miscellaneous Characters

Heroes are designed to be extremely beautiful but not weak. Players can collect hero cards through victories or event rewards. After unlocking the characters, if you want to level them up and practice their skills. You need to get your character into battle as quickly as possible.

The character’s experience and speed accumulate in each battle. The gray-haired prince wears a golden crown. Or she wears a white angel outfit that highlights her pink hair. Blonde girl with two cute pigtails and a unique fringe. Countless characters are waiting for you to collect and use them.

Mental Skills

What’s new about Pixel Fantasia is that players can ask for the help of spirits. They are unique individuals with privileged access to the elements of natural power. If you want to increase your total strength rating, players can cooperate with each other.

Mental strength can amplify the fighting power of your team of heroes. But this also depends entirely on the skills the player possesses. Because using mental skills is another difficult task that requires high skills on the part of the player. The highly destructive nature of spirits makes them limited and should only be used in times of danger and severity.

Boss fights and PvP

Pixel Fantasia’s gameplay is divided into two main parts. It includes idle combat and PvP combat. True to the name of each type, when fighting in PvP, players can participate in trials with other members. Compare strength and fighting power to occupy a position in the rankings. In idle battle mode, players can kill small spirits to earn rewards.

Going to special levels can find strong boss monsters. They contain enormous power that amounts to a worthy reward. The demons are locked in a dark dungeon. Or the fire-breathing war dragon that has wings that can lay waste to a field.

Pixel Fantasia

Special Abilities

Pixel Fantasia also provides players with special abilities to support. They are represented by circles in the player’s bottom right corner. Each time these skills are used, the player must wait a few seconds to use the next turn.

These abilities can amplify the player’s power or land extremely powerful blows. You can choose when the enemy is weak or when the goblins are crowded to use them. Downloading the Pixel Fantasia mod opens up a fierce battle between warriors and goblins.

What's new

▶ Expansion of dungeon and growth content.
▶ Added Emblem Disassembly feature.
▶ Added batch bounty plunder feature.
▶ New event has started.

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