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The Public Transport Simulator is the apartment where you can understanding driving some basic kinds of transportation, including buses of various sizes, taxis, and shuttle buses, among other types of vehicles. Each type of vehicle has different modes of control, operation, and movement on the road. Many experiences in one is the unique feature of this game.

Public Transport Simulator

Introduction to Public Transport Simulator

Drive several types of public transport in the same simulation game!

Do you want to drive multiple public vehicles in the same game?

If you like driving simulation games, you have surely experienced some bus driving games. Somehow, the previous games must have provided some degree of enjoyment by delving into a single category of vehicle.

But what if you want your experience to be broader? Not only buses, but also taxis and other forms of public transportation. Is there a difference between them and what’s so special about the controls? How do they show up on the road, how do they pick up and drop off passengers? There is a game that can help you get more inspiration to play by bringing many types of vehicles at the same time: Public Transport Simulator. You can try it out if you want to know how they differ.

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Explore a variety of public transportation

The player’s task is to familiarize themselves, drive carefully and control the vehicle in hand, traveling on many roads as previously requested, safely.

Whether you drive a single-decker bus, a double-decker bus, a minibus, or a taxi, all of these public vehicles serve the same purpose of serving the people. So, in addition to driving and operating the vehicle safely, you also have to perform a number of functional tasks: dropping off and picking up passengers on time, in the right place, according to the principles previously established for each vehicle.

The 48 different types of vehicles available in the Public Transport Simulator will be an ideal opportunity for you to learn the functional nature of public transport. Each type of vehicle has different functions, number of passengers, routes, and controls. Giving yourself the opportunity to drive each vehicle also provides you with a richer driving experience.

The general principle is that when you master driving a vehicle, accumulate enough experience points, the game automatically unlocks a new vehicle and invites you to embark on a new journey. This will prolong the travel experience.

Drive the world

Not only present in a certain city or country, public transport appears everywhere. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, new scenes will appear. Sometimes you drive a double-decker bus on the busy streets of New York. Other times you’re running in a taxi in the middle of Germany’s snowy white passes. Every scene like this makes you feel more clearly than ever the challenges that come from the weather, as well as capture the beauty of the city and nature. This game isn’t the most beautiful, but it’s surprisingly exciting at times.

Rich Viewing Angles

Public Transport Simulator players can choose the most appropriate viewing angle at any given time. When starting the car, you tend to choose the first perspective to fully see the steering wheel and the interior of the car. Then, when the car rolls, the game proactively suggests a third top-down or back-to-front perspective. The ability to switch between viewing angles will help you easily make your choice.

Highly realistic physics

It’s also commendable that in Public Transport Simulator, the physics simulation is also quite high. This causes players to set their own limits and not be able to relax so that the car constantly has problems.

Simply because in Public Transport Simulator, every sloppy driving activity or non-compliance with the law has a price to pay. Driving without looking carefully can cause a collision, damage the vehicle, and, most seriously, injure passengers in the vehicle. If you exceed the speed limit, a police officer will immediately sound his siren and stop you to ask for information and issue a ticket.

Public Transport Simulator

Welcoming guests also requires experience

Signal to turn towards the stop, wait for all passengers to get on before closing the car door. Go to the next stop on time, old passengers get off, new passengers get on, wait until they finish before moving on.

If you don’t pick up guests in the right place and in the right way, it can affect the company’s overall hours or worse, receive customer complaints or experience point deductions. It should also be noted that different types of public vehicles will have separate waiting times and pick-up locations. You need to master this information before you begin.

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