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The Walking Dead, the name is no stranger to those who love movies about zombies. Like a series of televisions that have many different stations and posters. It is even published in many publications and also video games. The Walking Dead Game series is also very famous and on par with the Resident Evil brand. Today we will get to the mobile version, also very good quality. That’s The Walking Dead: Survivors. The game is based on the famous television series in terms of survival. Fighting and surviving in the world of death to protect themselves and their teammates.

The Walking Dead: Survivors

Introduction about The Walking Dead: Survivors

A strange disease has acquired all creatures on earth. Including humans, they become an unreasonable creature. Just walking and having a crazy instinct. He is quick to tear the body and eat human flesh. In The Walking Dead, these creatures are called walkers. How many main characters survive. How do you fight, make options to survive the corpse areas in every corner of this corner?

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In The Walking Dead: Survivors, you and the survivors will cooperate together. Build bases to prevent the body from entering. Use of available resources such as food, drinking water, ammunition, wood and other rare resources. Construction of wooden works to improve their barracks. From a single cabin, turn it into a unique barracks. Against the invasion of the body, spending hours training warriors. Experiencing many stories and open knots. Make more suspicious characters. Everything needs a quick and accurate decision.

Wipe the body of the body to protect the base

Walkers will constantly invade and try to destroy this base. The only thing he can do is stand up and finish them all off. By the trained warrior force. The same power of the fortress and the defensive tower. Survive through its overflow. To earn more resources and rewards. Consolidate your construction work. That’s the most important thing about The Walking Dead: Survivors.

Discover around the world

In parallel with the work of building barracks. Whenever you have a necessary job, go out and explore. Mainly locations near where they place the barracks. The ability to find works, articles, resources and information is very high. Each thing will affect the story in a certain way. For example, when you discover an abandoned house, you can find many important items. Or the information must be sent to someone. The story is extended as much as probable. And you will discover a phase one to open many unexpected events.

Many familiar characters

It was surprising that The Walking Dead: Survivors gave the plot many characters familiar from the main series. You will meet Rick, Michone, Negan, Glenn… anyone can appear in this game. They will support you and provide you with a lot of information in the process of building barracks. There will be many interesting things that these characters can mention. You also discover each person’s own stories. Direct interaction and duty to keep the relationship very strong. Playing the game seems to have the feeling that you are in the plot with the main characters.

The Walking Dead: Survivors

Expand your social relationships

Walkers are definitely a danger that needs to be eradicated. But more dangerous than bloodthirsty walkers is the betrayal of teammates. You will encounter this situation several times in the game. And combating a large force is not a simple thing. Therefore, it is necessary to combine wings on a large scale. That’s why you need to talk to other players. Being able to coordinate and survive in this fading world. Use and exchange others’ resources to benefit both parties. It is important to unite in the world to have the opportunity to survive.

Many details and events occur in The Walking Dead: Survivors. The special thing is that they are based on the original of the drama. Along with many familiar details, items and items. If you are a reliable, veteran fan of this cult brand. Download the game now so you don’t waste your time pointlessly. Carry out barracks construction and against evil floods. To find new stories as well as endless joy in The Walking Dead: Survivors Mod Apk.

What's new

1. Added Player Relationships (Beta test)
2. Anniversary Event: Wall Of Memories
3. Optimized Survivor Challenge
4. Optimized The Whisperers Event
5. Other Adjustment

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