YouTube Premium MOD APK v19.12.36 (Premium Unlocked)

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28 Mar 2024
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About this game

YouTube Premium is one of the leading entertainment apps in the world right now. This app allows users to access a large number of videos with many different genres to enjoy according to their needs. Of course, there will be many more interesting things that this app will bring, let’s find out right now.

YouTube Premium

Introduction to YouTube Premium

YouTube: Multipurpose video source with a variety of content and genres

Specifically, YouTube Premium was first introduced in 2005 by Google LLC and has been in development for more than 16 years. The support of partners and companies has helped this application make remarkable progress in the period from 2011 to the present. Currently, you can find this app on many different platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and more. We believe that there won’t be any entertainment app that can overtake YouTube for a long time.

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Ease of use

Friendliness is the central factor that helps YouTube appeal to a wide range of users. Because even a new user, or even a child, can clearly understand how this app works right from the get-go. Of course, if you’re a basic user, there are some more complicated steps for advanced users.

First, you need to sign up or sign in to your Google account to be able to use YouTube for free. Logging in is also pretty straightforward. So we recommend logging in to customize the content according to your interests. Of course, you can also use YouTube without logging in, the downside is that you can’t comment or like the videos you’re interested in. More specifically, all the features of the official web version are optimized for mobile platforms, so you can rest assured.

Explore an infinite store of content

We firmly believe that the amount of content on YouTube will be unlimited and no one will be able to watch it all during their lifetime. Nowadays, this app has become one of the most popular methods to make money. They regularly post videos on this social network to attract views and, at the same time, receive income commensurate with the effort made. Therefore, the number of videos in the app will increase from time to time. This will give operators the independence to explore according to their favorites.

Here you will find your favorite video content in different categories like News, Fashion, Sports, Games, Music, and Trending. All content uploaded to this app is carefully controlled by the publisher. This way you can be sure of the usefulness of each video. More recently, the Story and Short Video features had to give content developers more tools to use.

Watch videos even when you’re offline

If the YouTube experience on a web browser requires your device to have internet to enjoy your favorite videos, the mobile app will be much more convenient. More specifically, this app allows users to freely download their favorite videos for easy offline viewing. All you essential to do is simply make a stable internet connection for the download to whole. In addition, you can also delete these videos if you have watched them many times or don’t want to watch them anymore to save memory space.

Flat interface, modern design.

With the anew designed interface in recent updates, users can now realize new videos or search for their favorite videos at a much faster speed than before. YouTube is now simpler to use: just tap the icon button or swipe to move between videos, subscriptions, or suggested accounts. In addition, the characteristic main shades, red and white, have been completed in many respects, but still retain the necessary classicism. Overall, we are completely satisfied with the current look of this app and have nothing to complain about.

Featured features of Youtube Premium

  • Background playback: This is one of the features that people have been looking forward to since YouTube Premium was in the early stages of development. People sometimes choose Youtube Premium instead of the MP3 player app. But they should always keep the device’s screen unlocked, otherwise the app will automatically pause the video. And so the background music feature was born. It is integrated with the premium plan. Users will have to pay monthly or annually to have a better experience. However, our Premium APK version is a solution, a completely free option for everyone.
  • No ads: Advertising is always an annoying topic. Video owners can add ads in the middle of the video. As a result, the ad plays and interrupts the video. In the Premium APK version, advertisements are no longer available.
YouTube Premium

How to install Youtube Premium?

  1. Descargue Youtube Premium (Vanced Manager)
  2. Install it as you would usually install any other apk.
  3. Open the app and follow the instructions to complete the installation of YouTube Premium.

What's new

For new features, look for in-product education & notifications sharing the feature and how to use it!

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